The Team at Blackboard Creative are experts in Venue Operations, Staff Training & Workshops within the Hospitality Industry

Blackboard creative specialises in the training and development within the hospitality industry. The team at Blackboard Creative aren’t your usual hospitality training and consultancy firm. We’re creatives that work on projects which ignite wide imaginations, whilst ensuring your business has the essential requirements in place for long term success. Our objective is to train and uphold standards within the hospitality industry & our passion is to help people develop their talent and skillset. Our teachers have a minimum 10 years experience in the industry and have owned / operated their own venues. They have started at the entry level such a glassies or food runners, growing through the ranks to senior managers and eventually venue owners. We are dedicated industry specialists that have a passion for educating tomorrow's future, leaving behind the Blackboard Creative mindset.

Are you a business owner looking to train your staff?

If you're a business owner who may operate a Cafe, Bar, Nightclub or Restaurant we can help you today! We will discuss with you our current training programs and can tailor our workshops to suit your needs and business model to ensure your staff are singing your language.