Should RSA and RSG Courses Be Done Together?

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Before anything else, let’s start with these following questions, “If you are to do RSA and RSG courses together, can you save a lot of money?” or “Is there a need to do RSG course at all?”

Most online training websites will tell you that if one has completed an RSA online, then an RSG course should be done too. Well, this is not always the case. In this article, let’s discover the facts and then decide for yourself.

Staff Flexibility

Most pub and hotel businesses require staff flexibility. This means that if someone is given a break from the gaming room, then he or she can be put on the bistro to deliver food to tables if they have RSA, RSG and Food Hygiene.

This can be a good idea if you are to work in a hotel or bar, however, know that:

  • Not all venues that serve alcohol require RSG training
  • Not all states have uniform RSG requirements (Western Australia don’t even require an RSG qualification at all)

Still, there are businesses that require both courses. This is why there are many online trainers that offer big discounts for doing RSG and RSA courses at the same time.

The Basics

The Responsible Service of Gambling or RSG course is often required for jobs such as in bars, hotels, and clubs where there are slot machines available. Even those that are working “front of house” or “on the floor” are in need of having the RSG training since they are still working in and around slot machines. Given that almost every club and bar in Australia has slot machines, if the state where you want to work requires you to have an RSG certificate, then having RSA and RSG, and even a Hygiene certificate would be worth the try.

With regards to most restaurants or most bottle shops, of which don’t have slot machines, a service job in hospitality is already sufficient. This means that an RSA on your resume is all that you need.

When is RSA needed?

In Victoria, one needs to have an RSG certificate up to three (3) months of work. In New South Wales (NSW), one cannot start to work in a gaming venue if and only if an RCG interim certificate or a competency card has been acquired. In Queensland, all gaming employees need to obtain their approved RSG course certificate three (3) months from the date of their employment. This is what has been suggested by the law, but the usual practice is that most venue operators require completion of RSG training before letting you start to work, even before getting an interview alone.

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