Step 1 - Pre Execution

This package is designed for those in the very early stages of business planning. The package is ideal for those who are new to lease agreements, supplier arrangements and any other forms of contract negotiation. We will also work with you on the creative concept, to help finalise your business plan and how we can turn your idea into a commercial and profitable model.

What's Involved


  • Oversee town planning

  • Council lodgements

  • Liquor licensing applications,

  • Insurances and permit submission

Step 2 - 12 Week Bootcamp

12 weeks out from launch, it's now time to get into Operation Boot camp. Now it's time to employ staff, train, generate your SOP's, menu creation & marketing strategy.

What's Involved


  • Assistance with town planning, council zoning, liquor licensing, insurances and permit submission
  • Venue layout design, concept creation and business plan generation 
  • BOH and service flow design assistance
  • The recruitment process and selecting your team
  • Creation of SOP’s, training and induction manuals
  • Creation of all beverage and food menus
  • Implementation and set up of all suppliers and contractors
  • Implementation of all essential software to help manage your business 
  • Introduction to a number of financial templates including Forecasting, Cost/Expense analysis, P&L template, COG set up and Pricing structure.


Step 3 - Revival

This package is designed for the already established business. You need help, things have stalled or not growing as you dreamt. Hospitality can be hard business! Our team of professionals will come in with fresh eyes and oversea your current options and after we have pulled apart your current position we will provide you with our Audit analysis and steps for you to put in place for ultimate grown and revenue generation.

What's Involved


  • Oversee town planning

  • Council zoning

  • Liquor licensing

  • Insurances and permit submission

Step 4 - Ongoing Management

Once we have performed the audit and provided your business the strategies for improvement, you can choose to implement these changes yourself or opt for our weekly management service. This service will oversea your operations during peak period, oversea your financial weekly improvements, maintain staff training and changes.

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