Why RSA is of Paramount Importance in Australia and Its Advantages

rsa australia

With the presence of social problems that result from various abuse, specifically alcohol abuse, communities and clubs have never been more aware that they are responsible in providing protection to their guests and members so they can enjoy themselves while in a safe environment. This is why clubs should be able to build ways to observe the service of alcohol, helping them to meet their functions under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, thus bringing about minimisation of harms that are alcohol-related.

With RSA Australia, Responsible Serving of Alcohol in the longer term, aiming to assist clubs in developing policies and procedures with regards to service of alcohol, it’s a solution for clubs to become knowledgeable and become aware of the responsibilities involved in serving alcohol in licensed premises. Simply, the purpose of RSA is to minimise issues and crimes caused by intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking.

The Advantages of RSA

In clubs, committees should ensure that problems caused by intoxication among members and guests must be avoided, to ensure the following:

  • the club’s atmosphere and its totality is pleasing
  • the premise of the club gains no damage
  • legal problems that likely arise are avoided
  • the club has a good reputation in the community
  • no police attendance required

See what will happen if there is responsible management in the service of alcohol. Members and visitors feel safe, thus they are into participating in club events and activities.

So if you are going to work in alcohol service or sales related jobs, you should know that there are courses with concepts incorporated with RSA Australia and that you must be informed of the RSA rules in a location you have decided to work in. It would be best to choose a training course offered by a trusted training company. To know more about details, contact Blackboard Creative today!

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