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We get it, we're business owners as well, we understand staff training is one of those tasks you have on your to-do list, however it always seems to sit in the too hard basket. You're busy running your daily operation and often won't have the resources to train or upskill your employees. Why not let us create it for you? 

Engaging, visual, fun, educational, interactive, user friendly and also available at the click of a button.

Having worked as nightclub and restaurant owners, the biggest concern for our business was staff training and ensuring it was implemented correctly. A skilled employee within the Hospitality space has always been few and far between, with a lack of appreciation for the skill and career growth it has always been difficult to retain staff. Hospitality isn't just your stepping stone anymore, its a billion-dollar industry and can give individuals the opportunity to create a permanent career with in. Its time to educate employees within their chosen areas to help create better levels of service, better customer experiences, resulting in lower overheads and a healthy bottom line.

By starting out with a tailored induction in your business, it creates a foundation to built on and will allow a great starting point to deliver a consistent message to your employees.


The blackboard Creative employee induction is jammed packaged with value. Our induction template will outline the employee on boarding process, the business vision, its culture, management structure, venue specifics, staffing expectations, grooming policies and communications, presented on one of Australia's leading LMS systems, ETRAINU. The etrainu Learning Management System is the most simple and effective way to deploy, manage and monitor training across your entire organisation.

Accompanying this will be a online staff handbook, which will outline all the compliance components to the business. Items which will be included this are licensed document, ramp or amp (depending on state), fire training information and job specific information.

Also included is 2 x COVID 19 workshops to help businesses help educate your staff. The workshops are engaging, interactive and informative.

Most LMS providers will charge an ongoing monthly subscription fee for the use of their service. Due to our relationship with Etrainu and our joint venture, Blackboard Training Academy, there is still an ongiong subscription, however, we have including our Workforce Essentials Series of the Blackboard Training Academy.

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We treat every Hospitality Venue we work with as if it's our own. We've been there and we understand the struggles.

- Jai Napper, Founder Blackboard Creative